Sixth Annual Golf Tournament (2018)

The 6th annual golf tournament was able to raise greater than $131,000 which provided clean water for over 2,600 people in Ghana. We are grateful to all of our sponsors, especially Peet’s Coffee, Wells Fargo and Danville Brewing Co. We hope you are able to come join in the fun this year. Please enjoy some photos from 2018 and an archive of past years, courtesy of Yvonne D. Williams Photography.

Past winners:

2018 – Carlos Corona, Jeff Courtemanche, John Crowe, and Lucas Thomas

2017 – Matt Barba, Ryan Lucas, Brendan Noonan, and Robert Parker

2016 – Tim Burr, Carlos Corona, Jeff Courtemanche, and James Wogan

2015 – Dan Bradlee, Zack Papachristos, Mike Remer, Rod Souza

2014 – Tim Burr, Jeff Courtemanche, Jim Crowe, and Mike Dometrovich

2013 – Lindsay Parton, Brian Sosine, Doug Wickes, and Josh Williams

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